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    The water separator is the device for connection of heating trunk water supply pipes and water return pipes. Divided into two parts, a water separator and a water collector. The water separator is the water distribution device for connection of heating pipe water supply pipes in the water system. The water collector is a water collecting device for connection of heating pipe water return pipes in the water system.According to the different needs of customers, Fengchuan provides brass and stainless steel water separators and water collectors of a variety of sizes and models. The strict use of materials and exquisite process ensure that Fengchuan under-floor heating water separators and water collectors make full use the advantages of under-floor heating in the long-term operation.
>Brass water separators adopt HPb59-1high-quality brass rods, and are plated with nickel on the outer surface, to resist rust and corrosion
>Stainless steel water separators adopt high quality stainless steel, beautiful and durable, and can resist vibration and pressure
>With two structures, ball valve and internal valve structure, hydraulic balance can be adjusted easily
>Excellent sealing performance and high-standard strict test eliminate leakage risks
>Auticorrosion,free from dirt, free from blockage arising from dirt, free from yellow water or sewage
>Light-duty, better flexibility, impact resistance and over 7Mpa Pressure resistant test
>Luxurious appearance, soft colorsmooth interior wall and less resistance for water flow
>Easy erection, free from leakage, joint erection completes within one minute
>Heat resistance and anti-aging, and 50 years of use under specified pressure
>Easy erection and interchangeable use for each kind of water supply tubing

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