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    Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) pipe for building drain is drain pipe series    of product with mature technology. It has been widely used at home and abroad. As the product has the advantages of long life unparalleled by cast iron pipe, corrosion resistance,and the like; and it has the features of light weight,convenience to transport and install, simpleness and ease to connect,and so on,in terms of construction,it is widely applied in civil building drain and sewage in chemical industry, drain of rainwater, and other fields.
>Excellent rigidity and anti-tension strength of pipe surface with high safety coefficient of the pipe
>Good resistance to aging, with normal service life of up t0 50 years available
>Good resistance to corrosion of inorganic acid, alkali and salt to apply to drain and transport of industrial sewage
>Frictional resistance coefficient of the pipe, unease to block with smooth water flow, and small maintenance workload.
>Property of self-extinguishment with high oxygen index of the materials
>Small expansion coefficient of the pipeline, 0.07 mm/m,℃, which shows small deformation under the effect of temperature
>Small coefficient of thermal conductivity and elasticity modulus, and good anti-freezing property compared with cast iron drain pipe
>The pipe and the fittings can be connected by gluing in simple construction method with convenient operation and high installation efficiency

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