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   Aluminum PP-R pipe series

    Aluminum-plastic PP-R composite pipe comprises of five-layer mutual-extruded structure, interior layer is food degree PEX(PE),exterior layout is o PP-R; middle one is of longitudinal superposition-welded aluminum layer which isolates each kind of liquid from penetration. It integrates in excellent high-temperature resistant performance for aluminum-plastic composite pipe and less distortion after heated while having reliability for PP-R tubing thermal melting connection. So it preferably settles down shortcoming of higher cost for aluminum-plastic composite tube joint and more linear expandability coefficient for PP-R tubing, its connection is the same as that of PP-R tubing.
>Resistance to high temperature and high pressure
>Resistance to erosion and the noiseless water hammer
>Smooth inwall guaranteeing the least resisting force and the largest amount of water
>The longevity of over 50 years
>Clean and hygienic and oxygen-proof
>Resistance to electrostatic and high ignition point
>Resistance to frost and earthquake-proof
>Flexural and no resilience
>Easily transferred and stored
>Few joints and lower leakage rate
>Easily installed yet applicable for numerous fields

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