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    Fengchuan innovative high-tech - nanometer antibacterial health new upgrades, self clean, self purification, antibacterial rate above 90%, and ensure the purity of water, pipe wall lining to join active ingredients to add silver ions Kang Wang PAG- 40 antibacterial agent, silver has efficient broad-spectrum sterilization effect, non-toxic pollution-free, green environmental protection, etc. It can make the tube surface formation of reactive oxygen species, energy metabolism ln the bacterium can't die. Making the pipe antibacterial effect
> Light weight/ Only one ninth of steel pipe and one tenth of copper pipe
>Good heat resistance property/It can be long used in the event of 70℃ in working water temperature, and can be used for short term in the event of 95℃ in water temperature with 140℃ softening temperature
>Long service life/PP-R pipe has service life as long as more than 50 years under rated use temperature and pressure
>Good corrosion resistance/It can resist erosion of many kinds of chemical mediums other than a minority of oxidizing agents, instead of rusting corrosion, bacteria breeding or electrochemical corrosion
>Good heat preservation/PP-R pipe has good heat preservation property owing to the low coefficient of thermal conductivity of PP-R materials
>Low expansibility/It has very low expansibility arising out of temperature change owing to the very small elasticity modulus of PP-R materials
>Low water flow resistance/The inner wall of the pipe is smooth without scaling. The water passing capacity is over 30 percent higher than that of the metal pipe of the same specification
>Firm connection of the system/PP-R pipe is connected in the way of hot melting connection
>Green and environment protecting7As green product, it will not result in pollution
>Complete supporting facilities/PP-R piping system has complete supporting facilities to be capable to solve the requirements for supporting facilities of general engineering
>Modest cost/PP-R pipe, which is comparable to galvanized pipe in price, has lower cost owing to convenient construction

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